Tournament Ubers Premier League VII - Player Signups

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Prepare for trouble!

Name: Kebabe
Metagames Played: BW
Inactivity: Wont be super active but as long as my opps are decent at scheduling it should work ok (Missed time = insta activity claim)

Disclaimer: I have not played a single Ubers game since last UPL. In other words: I will probably still crush BW this UPL

Name: El “Hugo” Chapo
ORAS / USM nigga
If I take a break from my sexual prowess and dedication , maybe I can play a game or two but you gotta humour me.

Edit - As pioneers in our line of work. James Jimmy , Lord Outrage and me can account to how draining our line of work is. Them 40 yo just don’t bend .
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